New Issue: Teaching & Learning Inquiry 6.1 is now available!

Teaching & Learning Inquiry 6.1 is now available! Click "CURRENT" above to access new SoTL research, and information about the future of Teaching & Learning Inquiry.

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Teaching & Learning Inquiry 6.1 includes:

Chick, N., & Poole, G. (2018). Editors’ introduction. In defence of microscopes. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1). 

ISSOTL Publications Advisory Committee. (2018). Mapping progress: The life and work of Teaching & Learning Inquiry. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1). 

Simper, N. (2018). Rubric authoring tool for supporting the development an assessment of cognitive skills in higher education. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Johnstone, K., Marquis, E., & Puri V. (2018). Public pedagogy and representations of higher education in popular film: New ground for the scholarship of teaching and learning. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Lock, J., Rainsbury, J., Clancy, T., Rosenau, P., & Ferreira, C. (2018). Influence of co-teaching on undergraduate student learning: A mixed-methods study in nursing. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Rifenburg, J. M., & Forester, B.G. (2018). First-year cadets’ conceptions of general education writing at a senior military college. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Sobel, K. (2018). Recruiting faculty for first-year seminars: A review of the literature. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Mewis, K., Dee, J., Lam, V., Obradovich, S., & Cassidy. A. (2018). A new self-assessment teaching assistant survey for growth and development. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Franke, M. (2018). Final exam weighting as part of course design. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

Green, C., Eady. M., & Andersen, P. (2018). Preparing quality teachers. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).

McIntyre, T., Wegener, M. & McGrath, D. (2018). Dynamic e-learning modules for student lecture preparation. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 6(1).